Better Together: Discovering the Healing Power of Community

As Pastors we all know the value of community, but we also know the struggle to get our churches to recognize that value. While we make pushes to get people into groups, often people ignore it or even if they do it… they just show up, log the time, check the box and leave. Is there a way to not just convince our people to be together… but to be together…better?

This 4-part series will help your church do just that. Each week will include a message you teach and 3 chapters they will read on their own complete with discussion questions for their groups. At the conclusion of this series your people will not just be connected in community, they’ll know how to live in it in such a way it brings life and joy.

“If you really want to go further faster, go together! Rusty’s book Better Together will help you get there.”

Andy Stanley

Author, Communicator, and Founder of North Point Ministries

“Rusty speaks on one of the most important topics in the world with grace, humor, and insight. Read it deeply, read it twice—but don’t read it alone!”

John Ortberg

Senior Pastor of Menlo Church, author of I’d Like You More If You Were More Like Me

“If you are tired of languishing in loneliness, why not take steps toward connecting in community. Rusty’s writing is honest and practical. His life and leadership model the message of Better Together.”

Dave Stone

Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

“What if your relationships were life-giving instead of draining? My friend Rusty George will get you there! His book Better Together overflows with practical wisdom.”

Lee Strobel

Bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith

Better Together Study Guide Cirriculum

When you buy 50+ copies of Better Together for your church, you get:

  • 4 weeks of sermon manuscripts
  • 1 video message
  • 4 weeks of small group videos and curriculum

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Rusty George - Better Together

Section 1: Help! Everyone drives me crazy.

1. I don’t need anyone.
2. No one gets me.
3. Everyone else is an idiot.

Section 2: Better together… to connect with God.

4. Intimacy with God is deeper together.
5. Joy is found quicker together.
6. Anxiety is calmed together.

Section 3: Better together… to overcome your weaknesses.

7. Healing becomes actualized together.
8. Temptations are conquered together.
9. Perfectionists find peace together.

Section 4: Better together… to leave a legacy.

10. Families are built to last together.
11. Impossible goals are achieved together.
12. Home is discovered together.

Are you ready to take your church from ok alone to Better Together.

Remember, when you order 50+ copies of Better Together for your church, you also get 4 weeks of sermon manuscripts, 1 video message and 4 weeks of small group videos and curriculum all for FREE.